Plongée en apnée Ligurie

Marine biology and diving workshop (duration 1 day)

For Scuba of all levels:

- Learn to recognise marine species together with RCI instructors
- Theoretical training course in the hotel followed by immersions in the Riviera dei Fiori sea.
- Issue of Certificate of Attendance.
- Eco diver MAC Advanced courses on request
- Equipment safekeeping possible on site






Guided snorkeling in the Riviera dei Fiori

Adults and children are accompanied with flippers, goggles and snorkels, on the discovery of the wonderful seabed of the Dianese Gulf.
Learn with us about the marine organism and their habitat.


 Snorkeling Snorkeling Snorkeling Snorkeling  Snorkeling Snorkeling  Snorkeling Snorkeling

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