Price List winter / spring Residence

The Lorenza sul Mare Residence offers an interesting offer for winter and spring. From 6 January to 23 May and then from 18 October to 1 November 2020 it is possible to stay for 4 weeks even non-consecutive, at exclusive prices:


One-room apartment (1 person)
from € 860  to  € 1240

One-room apartment 2+1 (2 people)
from € 860 to € 1320

Two-roomed apartment 3+1 and one-room apartment 2+2
from € 1080 to € 1460

Two-roomed apartment (6 people)
from € 1300 to € 1900

Two-roomed apartment (5 people): 2 bedrooms + 2 bathrooms
from e 2080  to  € 2200


The Gulf of Diano Marina allows you to spend your winter holidays with a mild climate. You can take long walks and in winter and spring you can participate in events that characterize the period. 

Why come just a weekend when you can spend a much longer holiday on the beach?

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